Why should you install Impact Windows?
Impact Windows Keep You and your Loved Ones safe during High Velocity Storms, while adding an aesthetic element and curb appeal to your home






A smart choice, single hung impact windows are raised from the bottom with a fixed top half. A traditional style, single hung windows can be used throughout the home. Single Hung Impact Windows offer extra security, durability, smooth operation, and custom options.

The single hung design is a great window and addition to your home to consider. It can be installed in bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, and more


A Horizontal Rolling is a window that has two or three lites or sashes the three lite sashes are used for when you have a very wide openings and This configuration has the left and the right end vents sliding toward the middle with the center lite fixed  but the most popular is the two lite slider where one slides and the other is fixed.

Impact Horizontal Rolling windows are gaining in popularity today when compared to single hung windows, there can be advantages on large, wide openings. 

Hurricane Approved Impact Horizontal rolling windows are called just that because they literally are rolling on wheels. but some call them horizontal sliding windows By whichever name is used, it’s the same thing. people usually go with this choice for aesthetic reasons because they can provide a home a more modern look.


This window is not like a single hung window which opens vertically, or an awning window which opens via a hinge at the top. This style of window  is hinged at the side and swings outwards when opened. This is the only  window that opens up completely with the turning of a handle so you can have an amazing view of the outdoors.

casement windows 001

casement windows provide increased security against burglars since they can only be opened from the inside. And the locks used to keep casement windows shut are hooked-shaped and very difficult to manipulate or break entirely for ultimate security. Casemeny impact windows come in three types, they come in single frame casement which is the standard.  They feature a single frame, and panels of glass separated by strips of wood that allow the window to be opened inward or outward. Secondly, there are also double casement windows, which have two hinged windows that are attached at the middle. Both these styles of casement windows use a crank to open and shut. Thirdly you have the push-out casement windows that utilize a handle instead of a traditional crank, but are available in single frame and double models.


Impact resistant fixed windows are typically used for larger openings or where an opening window is not required. Fixed windows are a great choice for living rooms, dining rooms, master bedrooms, to expand the view and bring in lighting where ventilation is not a concern.


A fixed hurricane impact window is a window that cannot be opened or closed. These windows are used for additional sunshine and aesthetic purposes but are also great for protection from extreme weather such as hurricanes.

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