Impact Doors Keep You and your Loved Ones safe during High Velocity Storms, while adding an aesthetic element and curb appeal to your home





Heavy Duty Impact Glass French Doors

Impact Glass French Doors add a classic and elegant look and feel to your home. Not only are they rich in curb appeal, their outstanding performance in extreme weather conditions make them heavily sought after on the coasts of South Florida. We install and repair impact glass french doors in miami-dade county where the melting pot of culture has allowed for the love of design to be heavily integrated into home living and architecture.

Hurricane and Storm Protection

Living in South Florida is a blessing and a curse. We enjoy the beautiful island paradise like weather almost all year long, with a catch. Deadly Hurricane winds beat the coasts of Florida every year and most of the time more than one hurricane is created each year. Even though not all storms reach hurricane level force winds, some tropical storms scatter flying debris and know down heavy branches and trees.


When you take the proper steps to protect your home by making your home stronger and more resistant to extreme weather conditions you are able to qualify for lower monthly payments on your home insurance. The comparison is based upon what your home insurance would cost monthly if you didn’t have impact windows or doors.  When you’re a Florida resident you encounter a unique set of challenges that you wouldn’t encounter in other states due to our location in relation to deadly storms that brew near the caribbean during hurricane season.

CUSTOM DESIGN Impact Glass Doors

We offer our customers the best in protection and selection. We know investments in your home take thought and consideration and we’re here along the journey to help you add a personal touch as well. We offer custom design solutions for all of our impact doors and impact windows. Call us at (786) 286-5407 today for a free quote.

Our custom design impact door options will have you excited for installing doors for your new home under construction or impact door replacement for your existing home. We have an extensive selection for framing and glass allowing you to customize: materials, colors, and strength. Customize your heavy duty impact doors today.


SLIDING Impact Glass Doors

When you install Hurricane Impact Sliding Glass Doors you are providing your home ultimate protection from hurricanes and intruders, they reduce noise and improve the overall energy efficiency in your home. While also providing a stylish upgrade for every home or office. Offering a variety of styles and flexibility of usage, our Sliding Glass Doors offer amazing views and natural light.

Our Sliding Impact Doors can Withstand Repeated Impact from objects traveling at 34 miles per hour and hurricane-force winds. Even if the glass is damaged it will remain intact securely in its frame keeping debris and elements outside.

BI-FOLDING Impact Glass Doors

Bifold impact doors bring in sunlight to your dark rooms but they also expand the square footage of your home. Having bifold impact doors not only do you get to enjoy your home to the fullest by adding beauty and extra lighting they are also durable and safe. They are designed and composed of high quality materials and are extremely efficient. Besides being aesthetically appealing, they stand up and stay strong in all types of weather. 

The glass that these doors consist of are made to withstand not only extreme pressure but also extreme rain and hurricanes you won’t ever have to worry about your family’s safety during a hurricane. Both the frames and tracks are engineered to enhance safety features as well as being energy efficient.

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